Because they are swarming! ^_^
Hello friends, I’m going to tell you some cool stuff about bees and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them!
See, there is a lot of misplaced fear over our fuzzy pollinating buddies. Many folks think they are mean and dangerous, but bees are very good little friends. The little, kind bee should not be mistaken for their evil look a likes, such as Hornets Yellow Jackets and Wasps, which are evil and should be hated like the beasts they are. Bees are docile by nature, and are not a threat to anyone who’s not allergic to them.
These bees are Swarming, which despite it’s scary sounding name, is not a dangerous time to be around bees. This time is the safest time to be around bees because they couldn’t give a hoot about you. These bees are gathering themselves together in order to go as a whole colony to find a new home. The gif is showing how bees don’t mind the outside world at this point in a swarm. The bees probably feel like a tickle on his hand. ^-^
Here’s some cool facts about bees!
-Bees are the BEST pollinators in the world! better than butterflies, or humming birds.
-Bees in a colony are all females. The males of the species look totes different and are called drones.
-Bees are totally different from Yellow Jackets, Hornets, and Wasps. They are not even close relatives in the insect kingdom!
-“Africanized” Bees are of no threat to anyone north of the New Mexico, and they barely pose a risk there! They are more territorial than some other species of bees, but not as bad as wasps.
-Many crops rely on bees.
-Bees will often die after stinging someone. Bees know this, and thus will do much to avoid stinging you. Hate to say it buddy, but you’re not worth their time.
-Honey, in it’s natural state, is a vitamin rich superfood! It can help with everything from icky feelings, to gross hair.
-Bees are threatened in many places by parasites, people, and misinformation. Do your part to help the bees and plant some flowers.

I dont care what you say i still fucking hate bees

Bee’s = Life

little fairy lights/umbrellas

Canadian government burns 100+ years of environmental data, books, and public records.


Conservative government closed environmental libraries containing historic environment records. Scientists protest to no avail. Public silent.

Canadians have also fired thousands of scientists, gutted environmental laws, and replaced science posts with oil executives.

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